5 Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

There are so many luxuries available to pets these days that most of us may roll our eyes at such as themed pet parties, pawdicures, fur extensions, and private personal training (no, not behavioral training, but personal training to help those dogs that have a few extra pounds to lose and need the support of a professional!).  These extravagant services may be out of reach for those of us that don’t reside on Hollywood’s popular block, but regular grooming, albeit a trip to the puppy spa, is a responsibility all dog owners have. Having your pets regularly groomed is not only beneficial for esthetics, but for their overall health. Professional groomers (like the two amazing gals we have at Pet City Canada!) are trained to look detect health ailments as a part of the grooming process. So, if you think grooming is done just to get rid of Rover’s odour, think again; we’ve compiled a list of 5 important benefits of having your dog regularly groomed by a trained professional.

  1. Early Detection of Health Problems (Prevention)

A professional groomer will look for abnormalities with your dog’s anatomy such as lumps, rashes, lesions, inflammation, or infections that a dog owner may not notice right away.  Therefore, when you take your dog to a groomer regularly, there is a greater chance that early warning signs of health complications will be noticed. Just like in humans, the earlier problem is found the easier it is to treat and the greater chance of recovery.

Remember as a dog owner, preventative health care also includes annual physical exams with your Veterinarian, proper nutrition, regular exercise, parasite control, dental care, and of course lots and lots of love.

Pet City Canada - 5 Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

  1. Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Fur Coat and Skin

It’s safe to assume that the majority of humans would not choose to go out with matted, dandruff-filled hair.  It’s also safe to assume that dogs don’t particularly like this, however, they aren’t able to just hop in the shower for a good scrub, brush, and blow-out their hair on their own!  As a responsible dog owner, apart from taking your dog to the groomer regularly, it is crucial that you brush their fur regularly and bath them immediately if they have found a messy treasure to roll around in.

Regular brushing (every few days) is crucial to avoiding mats in their fur.  Mats are balls of knotted hair that end up pulling the skin tight and causing discomfort and even pain.  Besides extreme discomfort, mats can lead to serious problems such as skin ulcers or abrasions. Brushing your dog regularly will also help to bring out the natural oils in the dog’s fur while removing dead hair, dirt, and dandruff.  The oils brought out during a good brush will give the coat a healthy shine.

The benefits of bathing your dog, with of course the most appropriate pet shampoos, include stimulating the dog’s circulatory system.  Who doesn’t like the mini head massage your hair dresser gives you during your appointment?!  Regular baths will keep your pet’s skin clean and healthy.

  1. Healthy Nails

Pet City Canada - 5 Benefits of Regular Dog GroomingNot only do long nails contribute to joint pain, but they are also the leading cause of chiropractic problems in dogs.  Keeping nails trimmed and preventing them from curling, will stop germs from accumulating; this is another step in the prevention of further health complications. In addition, this will avoid a common dog owner’s frustration of floor scratching. Investing in proper nail clippers for your dog will make the process of keeping their nails trimmed much easier.




 4.     Less Hair, Better Aroma

Is it possible to have a pleasant smelling, clean house when you own dogs?  Regular dog grooming will keep your dog clean and smelling good, so your home doesn’t pick up the “dirty dog” odour. Also, regular grooming and brushing will remove much of the loose hair stuck in your dog’s fur, so the process of shedding becomes more controlled.  Apart from picking out the perfect hairbrush for your fur baby, if you have a dog that seems to shed non-stop, make sure you check out the de-shedding tools available in today’s pet market.

While the extra hair and dirt are eliminated through regular brushing, we are also eliminating the chance for fleas and ticks to take up home in the extra debris. Humans can catch illnesses from these parasites, so regular grooming will protect your family’s health too!

5.     Mental Health

Of course, we all know it’s what is on the inside that counts. But really, just like humans, when a dog feels they are looking good, with good hygiene, and a tidy haircut, they feel good! The better the mental state, the better the behaviour. A happy dog will be friendlier, more predictable, and more energetic. And of course, happy dog = happy owner.

Pet City Canada - 5 Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming


As you can see, there are many benefits of having your pet(s) regularly groomed, not only for them but for your whole family. Our groomers, Cori and Lara, have over 45 years of combined experience. If you have any questions about grooming your pet(s), they would be happy to help you.